Exhibition 2016

We had a good day, It’s always nice to see people and the great layouts they create. Thanks for everyone who visited and those who helped.
We’ve put some photos on our Facebook page
See you next year!

2016 Exhibition

The Sheffield MRS has for the last eleven years held a 1-day model railway exhibition with many layouts from across the country to view and lots of trade support and this year is no exception.

This year’s show will be held :

Date: Saturday October 8th 2016, 10am to 4.30pm
Venue: Davy United Social Club

Adults – £4
Children (5-16) – £2; under 5’s free
Free car parking
Refreshments, Bar and Lounge
Disabled access via lift, help always available
Let us help you with your layout. Advice always on hand

We look forward to seeing you.

The Davy United Social Club venue is situated on Prince of Wales Road between Darnall and the Parkway

New Year, new home

Due to a change in landlord and a increase in rent, we have vacated the current club rooms at Burton Road.

New secure rooms have been found in the old Beeley Wood public house in Middlewood and are currently being made habitable for the society.

Further news will be at  facebook.com/SheffieldModelRailwaySociety

Sheffield MRS celebrates 50th annivesary

The Sheffield Model Railway Society is 50 years old this week and group’s Secretary, Keith Ballam, was featured in an interview in The Star about the club and its history.

In the interview Keith reveals a bit of history about the club and why he got involved in model railways.

“[My ex-wife] asked me what I’d like for Christmas one year and I had everything I wanted,” he recalls. “So I said a train set.”

He thinks for a second.

“Ironic really,” he notes. “We got a divorce and she got with a train driver.”

Fellow member Steve Saxby gives his view about why the club, which has grown from a handful of members when it was founded in 1963 to over 20 members today, has been so successful over the years.

“Making model railways is creative. It is one of the few hobbies that brings in lots of different aspects. You need to know a little about electrics, carpentry, joinery and painting as well as doing research.”

To celebrate the milestone we’re holding a party for the members and, no doubt, there’s going to be a fair amount of reminiscing.

If you’re interested in joining the society then you’re welcome to come visit us and see what we’re up to. If you’d like to come down then please do get in touch.

Exhibition 2012 – Photo Gallery

Here are a selection of pictures of the different layouts which were exhibited at our exhibition that was held on Saturday 13th October 2012. All images are Copyright © 2012 Richard Shaw.

New website!

Hello, we have recently moved our website and are in the process of revamping it. Our old website is still available at http://sheffield-mrs.blogspot.co.uk. Please visit again soon as we get the site up and running as quickly as possible.

We have moved!

We have moved!

Due to the growing number of members Sheffield MRS has relocated from Hillsborough to Burton Road in Upperthorpe. Our new premises are easily accessible by bus (the number 53 service to Ecclesfield runs past our door) or tram, being only a short walk from Shalesmoor tram stop. You can find more details on our contact page.

We gratefully thank the good people at Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church for providing us with rooms for the past seven years.

About DCC

DCC stands for Digital Command Control, where locomotives receive commands, such as direction of running, speed and lights on/off through the track. The systems we use are; Lenz, NCE and Bachmann E-Z command.

Best system – NCE Power Cab. Fully featured start set available for under £150. Downsides are; limited power for large layouts (it is upgradable if you want more however), and the NCE system DOES NOT support non-DCC fitted locos (see below). Other systems can have compatibility issues, but NCE is compatible with everything!

Best decoder – Depends upon how much current the locomotive will draw – usually a Hornby standard decoder will suffice.

DC on DCC – some systems support operating non-DCC fitted locos on DCC (Loco 0). This can be dangerous to the well being of your motors! – some older/less robust motors such as Lima/’old’ Hornby/ Dapol can experience severe arcing between the commutator plates which can cause terminal damage.

Member’s Layouts

Howbrook OO (12’x6′)


What the GC Sheffield – Barnsley Line could have been had it run along the opposite side of the valley to the north of Chapeltown, and if a junction had been made to form a link line to the GC’s Woodhead line near Wortley. This proposed line appears to have previously been a double track line that has now been singled. Stopping services operate between Sheffield & Barnsley, but for exhibition purposes it is assumed that the main GC Woodhead line is still open, and due to engineering work some trains are diverted through Howbrook to/from Sheffield.

Time period:

1970’s BR Blue through to Sectorisation.


2006 – Pontefract and Sheffield (Birkdale).

Current status:

In storage in society clubrooms.

Other info:

Capable of operating on either DC or DCC. Has working colour light signals interlocked with point setting. Track is SMP with hand-built points operated by SEEP motors.

Tinsley South OO (16’x6′)


A suburban station on the GC Sheffield – Rotherham line on what is now the Sheffield Supertram line near Meadowhall. Assumes that this line was developed and retains a passenger service. For exhibitions/added operating interest, assumes trains are diverted from the Midland Line due to engineering works.

Time period:

1970’s blue with EM1’s.


2004 – Derby & Leeds

2005 – Pontefract, Doncaster, Sheffield (Birkdale), York & Holmfirth

2006 – Chesterfield & Retford

2007 – Sheffield (Davy United)

Due to attend Manchester and Sheffield (Davy United) in October 2012.

Current status:

Undergoing restoration/updating off-site.

Other info:

Features 1500v ‘Woodhead’ style overhead line electrification. Featured in Modern Railway Modelling Issue 2. Capable of operating on either DC or DCC. Has working colour light signals interlocked with point setting. Track is SMP with hand-built points operated by SEEP motors.

Westwood Road OO (10’x2′)


A small diesel servicing depot/stabling point with a connection to a minor, and very run down branch line. The depot has a small halt nearby that sees a regular DMU service.

Time period:

Late 70’s/early 80’s BR Blue period.


2008 – Pontefract, Sheffield (Birkdale), Sheffield (Davy United) & Retford

2011 – Leeds

Current Status:

In use in clubrooms

Other info:

Capable of operating on either DC or DCC. Track is SMP with hand-built points operated by SEEP motors. Fully self-contained legs and lighting. Capable of being up and running in 15 minutes from unloading.

Ash Wood OO (14’x1′)


Ash Wood started life as a north of England 1960’s branch line. Uncompleted, it developed into a 1970’s run-down branch in the North London commuter belt. Adding 3rd rail (a feature not often seen on models) moved it south of the river.

Time period:

1980’s NSE, but later privatisation liveries also make an appearance.


2009 – Pontefract, Sheffield (Davy United), Retford.

2010 – Sheffield (Birkdale)

Current status:

In storage in clubrooms.

Other info:

Capable of operating on either DC or DCC. Track is SMP with hand-built points operated by SEEP motors.

Manygates OO (10′ x 12″)


A Small freight terminal based in East London with a suburban BR/ London Underground joint line with a peak-hour BR passenger service.

Time Period:

Early to Late 1970’s.


2010: Halifax, Sheffield (Davy United)

2011: Rochdale, Manchester, Retford

2012: Sheffield (Birkdale)

Booked to appear at Leeds in October 2012.

Current Status:

In storage off-site.

Other Info:

Has 4th rail London Underground with working 3/4 car trains of 1938 tube stock running alongside a range of conventional BR stock including 3rd rail electrics and DCC Sound fitted locos. Able to operate on both DC and DCC. Track is Peco code 75. Fully contained legs and lighting, and capable of being up and running in 15 minutes from unloading.

Axmouth Bridge (12′ x 18″)


Southern Railway branch-line terminus based on Seaton, East Devon.
Time Period:
Possibly Sheffield (Davy United) in October 2013.
Current Status:

In store in society clubrooms.






Time Period:

1960’s South Yorkshire BR.


Sheffield (Davy United) 2009, Sheffield (Birkdale) 2010, and Sheffield (Davy United) 2010.

Current Status:

Currently being updated off-site.